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Logging in as domain user outside of domain

MCSA2003 asked
I joined Ubuntu 10.04 to my windows network a couple days ago. When I am at home I can login with my domain user fine. However, I am outside of the domain for the first time and when I try to log in as the domain user I get authentication failed. Is this by default, or is something wrong with my cache credentials?
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I'm not sure a linux domain client will cache the credentials...
unplug your network cable, login and then connect back



 I am fairly new to linux so please bear with me. If it will not cache, or some how allow, this login to be used outside of the domain, then what point is there joining it to the domain to start with? Other than to enforce policies, and I am not for sure windows policies would apply to Ubuntu anyhow. The problem I have is, I have done all of the setup on my machine under the domain account. So when I went out today, I had a little bit of spare time, I figured I would finish installing windows 7 in a virtual environment. I had the .ISO file along with some other documents, but since I could not login I could not work on it. I am able to log in as the root user, but then I have no access to the other accounts files/folders. I guess coming from Windows, I figured it would work in a similar fashion. I guess it will just take some time getting used to.


 I had already tried logging in with the cable unplugged, but it will not login with my domain account. the moment I turn on my wireless or plug in the cable, I am able to log right in.
I found my answer here.


Look at section 4.9. I had not disabled or tried joining the network with a hard wired connection. I originally joined it with a wireless connection and apparently it did not cache the credentials correctly.