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Recommendations on NAS?

Looking for a a NAS that has 6-10TB of storage, hot swap drives and RAID5. Rack mount would be nice. Some sort of OS that will sync two of these would be nice as well.

It's only going to be used as a dump for a backup files. Planning on getting a second one down the line for off-site backup storage in another LAN connected building.

Anyone know of something that is not $15k? Thanks!
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I stongly urge you to look at Infrant ReadyNas series, i have had their products for over 5 years now.


Took at look at them. Can they be configured with 6x 2TB drives? Or are they configured their own way? I don't see a way to customize them.
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The Buffalo units max out at 6TB in a RAID5.
Couple of other that you probably want to look at,

Qnap have rack or desktop models that handle number and size of drives you are looking for and also support remote duplication through rsync,


Also the Thecus rack/desktop models,


Thecus have thier own 'nsync' for duplication/backup.  

These are all linux based units with decent horsepower on the 5 or more drive model (for low cost NAS) with many features you get on higher end units.

I've run the smaller 5 drive units from both companies.

You can find some reviews and performance charts for a number of different models/manufacturers here,


I second the motion on Netgear ReadyNas...   I have one of there desktop units (ReadyNas Pro Pioneer) with 6 x 2TB drives at an X-RAID2 equivalent of RAID 5.  
BTW: It formatted out as 9.2 Tb
Check out the Readynas 3200 2 u 12 bay nas. Runs for about 10k with drives, seems right up your alley.
Great product and the 3200 is stupid fast and has redundant power supplies and dual gig nics.