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SSRS 2005 Cannot connect to database

I just pulled up an SSRS report that I have been using for a while using BIDS and I get this messsage. I can pull up other reports that use the exact connection string and they all work. I can run this report in IE and it works. This datasource is not shared. What can I check to see what the real issue is? If I do a Test Connection it comes back OK.
TITLE: Microsoft Report Designer

A connection cannot be made to the database.
Set and test the connection string.


You have specified integrated security or credentials in the connection string for the data source, but the data source is configured to use a different credential type. To use the values in the connection string, you must configure the unattended report processing account for the report server. (Microsoft.ReportingServices.DataExtensions)


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If you open your datasource  on one of the tabs is the credential windows. I have seen where this will sometimes not show up or is wrong. You need to check that first.  then if that does not work then there is something wrong with the login sercuites on the server.


I wound up adding another datasource with the exact same credentials and added a fresh dataset to it. Everything looked identical. I drop the bad pair and everything went back to working.
Yea that was the next thing I was going to say. In SSRS I even have had a textbox/fields just quit on me. I had delete I object and re-make it again.
Glad you got it going.