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Transparent image - overlap

TheYan asked
In my Flex application there's a swf file with some functionality like for example mouseClick and there's an image with transparency which I want it to go on top of that swf. The problem is that the image is covering over any functionality... Is there a way to be able to integrate with swf file on those transparent areas of the image?
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This could be tricky as the component over the image will be the element recieving all clicks.

When an event like a mouse-event occurs, Flex determins which element was clicked by starting at the Application and going inward (capturing phase) in this phase I think Flex tries to figgure out which elements could have been clicked. In your case in this phase the button and the image will be candidates. Unfortunately the Image lies in front of the button and will recieve the click and not the button.
You can however set the Image to ignore mouse-stuff by setting mouseEnabled=false and mouseChildren=false
This way Flex should find your button under the image.

Here a link of someone describing your situation:


Thanks, It did work, thought not completely the way I wanted, but still does accomplish the most.