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Add a launch condition to .NET installer.

Blowfelt82 asked
I have bult a launch condition in a .NET installer which checks for the existance of a registry key before running an .msi. I have set the install action to call cmd.exe which works fine (when I run the installer the registry key doesnt exist to the install action is executed). This results in the cmd window being opened (no problem). What I need to be able to do is run cmd.exe with a certain command. I can do this using the run utility using the command 'cmd.exe /c del file.txt' for example, but I cannot get this working within the installurl property of the launch conditions tab in visual studio. Any ideas?
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Try using an installer class instead.   Create the installer class and then create a custom action.  In the installer class you can put .Net code to delete the file(s).  System.IO.File.Delete(Path) will delete files

Here is a walkthrough