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Exchange 2003 Cannot send to Gmail!

Since this morning none of my exchange users have been able to send to Gmail.  We can receive mail without issue but the sent messages are piling up in the queue and are not being delivered.  We can send to other domains without a problem. When I look at the queue there is no green check icon beside the SMTP- gmail.com (SMTP Connector) entry, just an open folder.  The state stays at "Active" and does not go to "Ready".  I have tried deleting all the messages in the queue and restarting the server / restarting the SMTP service.   When I highlight the queue, under additional queue information it says "no additional information available".  

Please help, users are getting irate.
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Alan HardistyCo-Owner
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Please have a read through my Article about problems sending mail to one or more domains and check your settings / configuration:
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Thanks,  I'll check those links out.


Thanks!  That helped.