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I/T Support Contract Proposal Documentation.

Any tips on putting a written contract together for a new client?

I don't have contracts with most of my clients ( I know I probably should ) Most of my clients never asked for one and some would prefer to to commit or sign anything even though I have been looking after them for years.

This works fine.

However, now I am dealing with a junior accountant at a firm and he is really trying to earn stripes for himself, put me through the mill and on the way break my balls!. He is a pain in the a%&s but he is probably right and deserves a written contract. I'm going to really hate the part where he spend loads of my time tearing it apart and going through the fine print and negotiating changes.

Basically the rough agreement is to spend 1 day onsite looking after all of their I/T issues, and in addition 1 hour per week dialling in to manage their critical systems.

Any tips?

I plan to cover things like

Billing Terms
Accidental loss of data liability
Out of hours costs
Emergency call out costs
Remote support costs
Services Provided

Thanks for any feedback, I need to get this right before the interrogation.

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Look prety good. Perhaps you have a friend with the company that can provide you with a sample for another vendor. This is not uncommon. Also try googling for templates.. a ton out there
in a written SLA ( Service level Agreement ) you have to mention very little details.

you have to mention what are the working hours / days.
mention the from day to day and hours.
you can set multiple level of SLAs ,
1 2 3 ,  for example level one , you'll act as a help desk, = if anything happen they will call you, and this is the most expensive, level 2, they must do some troubleshooting and after it they can call you, and you can ask them to do more troubleshooting, and you can send them some commands to be executed.
3 level after they confirm that they cannot solve the problem , you start your help via remote support ,

now remote support cost $$$
on site support cost more $$$$

what are you responsible off
you can set different type of customer, ( Bronze , Silver , GOLD )
but be careful , when signing an SLA, you have to know every written word.

ThinkPaperIT Consultant
in additon to that,
you should also include the contract service date
how long you are providing service? 1 year, 2 years? and renewal options? are you providing service for 2 years, with 2nd year being optional renewal date?
early termination details - if they want to cancel their service with you, is there fees involved? how much notice they should give you?

and also you may want to include services you DON'T provide (or WILL provide for ADDTL cost). Sometimes not including this gives them freedom to make you do more stuff that's outside of your expertise/job duties. "Oh btw can you do XXX for me?" And make SURE to cover ALL your LIABILITY issues - that can be a very big thing, especially when it concerns data, private info, and costly equipment.

Make a draft, and if you need someone to review, feel free to post it here and we can look it over.
good luck with the snotty accountant. =P