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mac address port idenfification

I inherited a network that has 10-15 D-Link Smart Switches spread across three locations. ALl of the switches have web interfaces that I can connect to for configuration, but nowhere can I find a way to display what MAC address is connected to which port.

I am trying to make troubleshooting take minutes, not hours and even the patch panels are not labeled an mapped properly (nor the jacks in the individual offices).

Now I know from the DHCP servers the MAC address of each and every computer, along with their physical location.

What I need to do now is be able to identify which switch port is connected to which physical office. The easiest way I figured to do this (other than watching 1 billion lights, unplugging a machine and seeing which one goes out) is to match the mac address of the machine connected to a particular port to my listing of known mac addresses and their locations.

Is there are tool that could be used (like a packet sniffer) that I could plug inline between the patch cable and the switch that would display the MAC of the machine connected at the other end? I've seen some offerings from Fluke that would probably do the job, but they are $10,0000+... If the tool could also check cable integrity, open or split pairs, etc. that would be a bonus.... I'd rather not spend more than $1,500 on such a device.

Thanks in advance.
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Have you tried on the Web GUI:

Security > Mac Address Table > Dynamic Forwarding Table
For each port, this table displays the Mac address of each packet passing through the Switch.

All you need to do is run a quick nmap scan (Port and IP scan) on the network address or a tool that will do a broadcast ping, then check the web gui for a list of MAC addresses; they should not age out very quickly, but I am not that familiar with the D-link smart switches so I honestly could not tell you.

Use a software package to do this for you. It can save a ton of time. I have used trials and full versions of the following to do this.. I just did this for a client of 2000 clients and 230 switches.

pt360 Tool Suite (Free) - http://www.packettrap.com/product/pt360_pro.aspx
Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool (30 day full) - http://www.switchportmapper.com/
Switchport Mapper (30 day full) - http://www.solarwinds.com


Going to take a bit of time to figure out the software , but that SolarWinds product, right out of the box did damm near exactly what I needed... I even went back and enabled SNMP services on the fileserver and SolarWinds resolved IP address and names as well..... Going to RTFM now, but looks promising!
I'm glad its what you wanted..