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VMware ESX

linuxdebian asked
I try to install my ESX home lab.I read I need 3 computers for ESX functions.
1xDomain Controller( DNS server)
1xESX 4.0 server
1xvCenter server
Is that possible establishing this Home server senario with only 2 machines(WITHOUT VMWARE WORKSTATION INSTALL.)
Because 2 of my computers are good.
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Yes. Use ESX for one, Vcenter on the same or seperate, and install your DC as a VM ESX
If you have 1 Machine which is compatible for ESX installation and then you can have DNS server and VCenter on the same machine ( You do not need domain controller as such in your setup). If at all you need to have a domain controller then you can have a Windows machine as VM running on the ESX host.

When I set up I did not set up a DNS instead I updated the hosts file in Windows ( VC ) and /etc/hosts file in ESX server. this is an alternate way in case if you do not have a DNS for name resolution. ( I ve done it on ESX3.5 U4 and it worked for me)

In my opinion 2 machines are sufficient to setup a LAB. Only thing is that Machine where your going to install ESX needs more resources to accommodate VMs..

i.e enough local storage, RAM, CPU etc.

then your good to go.  


Thanks for promt answer,
What i did .
1.I have good with 8gb ram server ,I installed here ESX.4.0 and works without problem.
2.my amd desktop windows 2003 server ,I installed here sphere client.

Sorry but i do not understand DNS server and vCENTER at the same machine?
do you mean on 8gb ram server vCenter msut be installed too?
Hi there
on your ESX server you can build a few VM's, providing as nithinprabhakar mentions you have the storage capacity etc...
Then on these VM's you install your windows server(s) and on top of that, install your DNS, VCentre and whatever else you like, such as DHCP etc.
The other machine you hve you may as well install ESX on that too and have them both clustered to play with the features such as DRS, HA etc.
Thisd is exactly how i've set my own Infrastructure up at home. I also have an iSCSI Storage SAN and a gigabit switch, which you will need for the feature to work properly. 1 Storage device that both ESX servers see, then the VM's can seamlessly be migrated accross both ESX Hosts as part of the DRS feature...


perfekt thank you

do you know a guide i can do VM 's quickly?

Thanks for all bouth you are perfekt solutions

Here you go


Guest OS installation guide.

As I have mentioned DNS and Vcenter on same machine.

install only DNS service on windows  server and installed Vcenter too on the same machine.
no need to upgrade windows as a Domain controller.