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Cube Deployment Error in Analysis Services MS SQL Server 2005

percivalevans asked
ISSUE: I cannot deploy my cube I created in an Analysis Services tutorial. See. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms166576(v=SQL.90).aspx.. When I deploy my cube I get this error,
“Error      1      The project could not be deployed to the 'localhost' server because of the following connectivity problems :  A connection cannot be made. Ensure that the server is running.  To verify or update the name of the target server, right-click on the project in Solution Explorer, select Project Properties, click on the Deployment tab, and then enter the name of the server.”      

1. BI and SQL Sever 2005 is on a local XP computer
2. My instance is MSSQLSERVER (see SQL Server Configuration Manager)
3. My computer name is MARIO-81135DD02
4. When I connect to the SQL Server the server name is “MARIO-81135DD02”  
     and authentication is “Windows Authentication  

1.      Change project properties to several names for server
2.      Under Connection Manager I edit the string and test connection with computer name (MARIO-81135DD02) and localhost. No problem
3.      Under Connection Manager I used Native OLE DB\SQL Server Native Client 10.0 and Native OLE DB\Microsoft OLE DP Provider for SQL Server. No problem
4.      Under Impersonation Information I experimented with all scenarios (Use a specific user name and password to default) All give me the error as stated above

Images are attached

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Top Expert 2010
Check the following

1. SSAS service running and under and authenticated user, just like SQL server

2. from within SQL management studio can you login normally to your SSAS and if not, what error message do you get .

3.can you process the cube normally, or do you get errors

4. in the Images you sent, you mentioned your database name [Analysis services tutorial] is this your database name or AdventureWorksDW


I apologize for the delay.

1. I wasn’t sure how to check for this other than doing what I did in number 2. I went to SQL management studio and attempted to login to Analysis Services under my computer name "Mario-81135dd02" Please NOTE: all modes of authentication were grayed out. See 2 for that error

2. I did get through. I got this error, "Cannot connect to MARIO-81135dd02" (which is my localhost) Additional information: A connection cannot be made. Ensure that the server is running. (Microsoft.Analysis.AdomdClient) and No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

3. Yes, cube can be process normally

4. That is the name of the project. It was created by default in the tutorial. I did try changing it to AdventureWorksDW (which is the database I attempting to deploy). Still getting the same error message

Currently searching that error message on google. We are getting close I hope
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if you are unable to login to SSAS using SQL management studio, then its useless to try to deploy, first we have to solve this problem

you should be able to login to SSAS.

check the SQL services, go to Run and type "services.msc"

and see in the image i attached , make sure your Sql Server analysis service is running and under which username, see in the image i attached its under local system
check in your case if its not under local system, which user is it under, and is the password correct.

try restarting the SSAS services and then try to login to SSAS from Sql management again.

after you be able to login to SSAS from Sql management studio, and its successful, then try to deploy.
AmmarR guided me 100% to find out what was wrong.

I’m what to give everyone a detail run down just in case you run into some similar issues. Many of explanations I found online and in my tutorial book don’t apply in my scenario.

It is obvious from not being able to login in the Analysis Service was the issue. I checked if the service was running and did not find the SQL Server Analysis Services. I thought I did a full installation of everything years ago. Besides, I assumed everything was installed since I could create my first cube without any problems. I wasn’t there yet on the technical aspects of Analysis Service. For example, its running as a separate service in the background. I had to pull out my installation cd and install Analysis Service. Next, I deployed the cube successfully.

Thanks Ammar!
Top Expert 2010

your welcome any time