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After Windows update, NIC has limited or no connectivity

Last night two computers did windows update. (These are XP Machines). They now cannot get an IP address. There is a third computer on the network, which did not do the updates last night because it was turned off, and it is fine.

What could the problem be?
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I would check the NIC settings - Start > Settings > Control Panel >Network Connections > Right Click on Local area Connection > Properties > Scroll down to "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) > Click Properties - Verify that the NIC is set for a static IP address if applicable and enter the primary DNS information if necessary.  

If you are certain these machines use DHCP, then leave the IP address set to Automatic along with the DNS server set to automatic.

Let me know if this does anything for you

You may have a bad NIC driver. Sometimes Windows update drivers don't work.  Go into Device Manager and roll back the driver for your network card.

At the very minimal, assuming you haven't done so already -

Click Start
Click Run
Type in "cmd" ----without the quotes
Black window comes up, type in "ipconfig /release"  --- without quotes
Wait a couple seconds
type in "ipconfig /renew"   --- without quotes

See if the IP address is able to renew and open a web browser
If none of the above results in resolution, try running System Restore with the pre-update snapshot. It might get you back onlne in the near-term.

Try to restore Last Know Good configuration.

see is the zero config service is running (Zero Configuration Service).
If you are running SP2, you may be suffering from an issue that occurs when updating:
Fix for SP2 issue:

I like this because it fixes just about anything, but you have to re-do your NIC settings. ( not a big deal if you're using DHCP for everything).
netsh int ip reset [ log_file_name ]
PS: you HAVE to specify a log file name.

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Ultimately had to go on site to fix this.

It was....

drum roll......

The users on site unplugged the switch to plug in a Wii. They put the Wii away, and never plugged the switch back in.


Wow, another one of those questions to waste our time, thanks buddy!