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Windows 2008 DFS Replication

I just set up DFS on my server. As a test I have it replicating about 25MB to one of my remote sites. It is replicating the folder fine but on the destination, I see the folder I am replicating but nothing is in the folder.....What did I do wrong?
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems

Unless you've set a file filter that may be stopping those files from moveing, just give it some time to replicate.


Ok, it just replicated....for my real world environment, I have about 30GB of data that need to be replicated. My question is, once it replicates the full 30GB of data, the next time it replicates, will it just replicate the items that have changed & will both places be an exact mirror of each other?
Director, Information Systems
DFS replication is continuous and yes, it only replicates the data that changes.  
Which direction depends on how you have your topology set up. By default you end up with replication between all nodes, so changes on either end get replicated to the other.  You can set it up so replication is a one-way process if you like.