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Remote health check

How could i check a remote server's health without a remote connectio?
note : i know all the access information for the server i have multiple server's and i only want to watch cpu disk ram network usage values on a screen for all servers.

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You could always use, www dot logmein dot com - A free trial will let you view the health of any machine that you configure to use with this software..

Otherwise, you'll need a program to send you alerts/emails on the health of a workstation at periodic intervals or whenever the computer reaches a certain threshold (ie - CPU hits 100%)  -  

SolarWinds is a great app for this, but it's not free..  I think the trial will give you a 24 hour delay notification if that helps

Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems
You could set up an MMC console with multiple instances of Performance Monitor.  This won't let you see overlapping information, but you'll get to see all the data in essentially one place.


Both of the answers was wonderful thanks