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How to message my users?

jennixchange asked
Having a recent growth spurt, i need to be able to message my users with something like "log off NOW the servers will be going down for a reboot @ exactly 1100hrs" or similar, but it seems there's not a messenger service in 2003 SmallBusiness Server?

Is ther a shaarware or something i can apply to the network to allow this? I am not looking for a chat application which could be shut down or ignored, I want something that forces a windows dialog before my users. I know this function exists in the terminal server sesions, how about for regular users logged into regular machines which are logged into the PDC?
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If you open the command prompt
(Start > Run > Type in "CMD"  --- No quotes)

Type "Shutdown" and press enter, you'll see all the switches you can add to this command that will notify all users connected to this box

example - Shutdown -s -t 60 -c "Type something here, this will shut the local machine down in 60 seconds and notify users that are connected to it"


Thanks, but that doesn't do me any good. Shutdown closes the local machine.

I'm trying to alert them that their server is going away, or i'm rebooting the router, or that i need them to call me, or whatever, NOT shutdown their workstation.

Oh, sorry...  Well, if your network engineers or security dept. hasn't blocked the following command you can try to run the following from a command prompt:

From the root of C:\ ---  Type "MSG" - This will show you all the switches.

Example --   msg username message Exchange Server shutting down in an hour
For winxp you can use net send
Vista Business Ultimate you can use msg.exe



OK, i'm the domain administrator, and we're getting warmer, but it sounds like maybeyou guys are just firing off information without knowing the specific answer to my inquiry. I've thought and searched on this on a bit, before asking questions in the exchange. I've seen and used both of these tools in the past, but neither "net send" nor "msg" seems to be getting the job done. Each enjoys varying degrees of support on various platforms, and I'm looking for someone who KNOWS what works on a 2003SBS server managing XPsp3 boxes.

I have 2003 SBS with a regular SBS domain setup. The server is fully upgraded with all service packs, exchange et al. The workstations are all XPsp3 stations fully updated as well.

Does anyone know the exact syntax to message a specific user on a specific machine in the given scenario?  

MSG  seems to be unable to locate users anywhere besides the local machine, and it only allows for other terminal server in the /server switch.

Net Send does not locate users on the domain
NET SEND won't work unless the clients have the messenger service enabled. By default on XP SP2 and higher it's disabled.

In any case, I usually send out emails and let the chips fall where they may.


oh that's interesting! ... wonder if i can enable that on the domain.


easy enough - GPo->computer configuration\windows settings\system services set it to automatic.


i had to search again to find the correct GPO setting, but the parts together got me where i wanted. Thanks all.