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ASP.NET UPS Interface - Need a jump start

I'm looking for a jump start on using the UPS web interface with ASP.NET (preferably VB.NET).  A client has asked me to include this in a web application and I'm looking to get up to speed.  I have the UPS documentation and an Access Key.   Can anyone point me to a tutorial?
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Thanks.  that is helpful.  My client told me that he thought we could do more...like actually print shipping labels ...   What I was hoping to find was something where I could send the box size, weight, address and get back a label and a tracking number.   I'm still a bit confused about how all that would work.  Surely someone has invented this wheel before...   This must be a failry common thing to do, but I couldn't find what I expected by Googling..   Any other tips? (you've earned your points, but I want to keep the quiestion open for another day or two, just to see if I can get more info.

Thanks again,

Hey bob,

You can use the UPS API for all thoose functions you are looking for . You can use UPS developer kit for these


Pass the values to the UPS API. And get the details .

let me know if you need anything.



For the next person who might stumble on this.   I found an inexpensive 3rd party DLL that appears to do exactly what I need for $160.    You can also get the C# source for around $320.  Here is is for anyone interested