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How do I update arp table config in my linux box?

epifanio67 asked
Hello experts,

How do I update arp table config in my linux box??

I found some information in the web; but not very straight forward.

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What are you trying to do exactly?
Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead
How do you mean by "Update my ARP Table" ?
You want to manually inject enteries into it? ARP is dynamic and I would strongly recomend against manually messing with it.
type man -k arp
generally options are:
ARP -s inet_addr eth_addr [if_addr]
ARP -d inet_addr [if_addr]
ARP -a [inet_addr] [-N if_addr]

  -a            Displays current ARP entries by interrogating the current
                protocol data.  If inet_addr is specified, the IP and Physical
                addresses for only the specified computer are displayed.  If
                more than one network interface uses ARP, entries for each ARP
                table are displayed.
  -g            Same as -a.
  inet_addr     Specifies an internet address.
  -N if_addr    Displays the ARP entries for the network interface specified
                by if_addr.
  -d            Deletes the host specified by inet_addr. inet_addr may be
                wildcarded with * to delete all hosts.
  -s            Adds the host and associates the Internet address inet_addr
                with the Physical address eth_addr.  The Physical address is
                given as 6 hexadecimal bytes separated by hyphens. The entry
                is permanent.
  eth_addr      Specifies a physical address.
  if_addr       If present, this specifies the Internet address of the
                interface whose address translation table should be modified.
                If not present, the first applicable interface will be used.
  > arp -s   00-aa-00-62-c6-09  .... Adds a static entry.
  > arp -a                                    .... Displays the arp table.
arp can be "flushed" ,addresses can be delete (* for all) and then reloaded automatically


got it... thank you experts!