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How do I verify if my Win2k3 CA is Standalone or Enterprise?

Pretty simple question.  I inherited a jacked up PKI setup and need to get it documented.
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My Compuer -> Properties


I'm not trying to verify OS version.  I'm trying to verify how the Certificate Authority was setup.  Enterprise or Standalone....
bbaoIT Consultant

only W2K3 Enterprise Edition has the capability to automatically enroll users and computers for certificates including smart card based certificates.


Configuring an Enterprise CA

hope it helps,
The simplest way would be to access the Web Enrollment pages, and attempt to issue a custom certificate. If you can type in the Common name properties then it is a standalone CA. If you can't then it is an Enterprise CA.
Also check what kind of certificate templates you can issue, only Enterprise CA can issue smart card logon Certificates.

An easy way to determine whether a CA is an Enterprise or a Stand-alone is to check the "Enrollment Services" container in AD.  Do the following:

Run dssite.msc
Click View -> Show Services Node
Drill down to Services -> Public Key Services -> Enrollment Services

If the name of the CA you have installed on your jack-of-all-trades server is listed as an object in the Enrollment Services container, then you definitely have an Enterprise CA.  Otherwise, it was set up as Stand-Alone.
other quick way to check  is just open CertSrv.msc console and locate Certificate Templates node. This node exist on Enterprise CAs only.