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Application is not opening in Windows 7

hchabria asked
I have a VB 6 application with ms access as a back end. In windows 7 when I am trying to generate a access report from VB 6 form (keeping the MS Access macro security low) its hanging & giving an error “This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose switch to to activate the busy application and correct the problem.". This application works perfectly in windows XP. Now in Windows 7 if I am changing the macro security to medium the print report action is opening with a macro security warning (normal access macro warning).
Need your solution so that I can open it with LOW security level.
 Form Leyout Security Level changed to Low Error faced in Low Security Level - Report is not opening Security Level changed to Medium Working perfectly with Medium Security Level - Report is opening
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Try running the application in windows XP compatibility mode - Right Click the executable, Properties, Run in Windows XP Compat. Mode

---Let me know if this doesn't help
Top Expert 2009
I tried to install VB 6 in Windows 7, and got a message that there were compatibility problems with VB 6.  So most likely the Win XP compatibility mode is the only way to go (short of redoing the app in Visual Studio 2008 or higher).
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Or perhaps creating a Win XP VM and running the app in the VM.