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How to apply specific IE settings

pmeadows78 asked

I have a set of users that access some sites that require specific IE settings in order to access the site.  Sometimes when updates are installed, other apps are installed or the machine is rebooted they tell me that the site is no longer working.  Is there a way to apply some settings to IE via a script, reghack or utility that is quick and easy?  Thanks.
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LBizzleMicrosoft Enterprise Administrator & AWS cloud Consultant

Sounds like they are getting some default settings through Group Policy; these computers likely need to be moved in to their own OU\Container in AD and then have the current IE policy link removed and a new one created with the specific settings you need for these computers attached to the new container\OU.
Just about all IE settings can be configured through registry settings.  This article lists many of them.  To find the locations of any which aren't listed, just run Process Monitor, drag the crosshairs over the IE window, change the desired setting, and then filter on RegSetValue events to see what changed.

You can then deploy these settings to users, either through logon scripts with the reg add command, or through the Registry node of Group Policy Preferences.


Thanks for the info Shift-3 I'll poke around and see what I can find in the registry.