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Anti-Virus for Small-Medium sized business

Vardata asked
Hello, just looking on some feedback/recommendations for Server/Client Anti-Virus and E-mail protection.  We our currenlty using Symantec Endpoint 11.0 and looking to switch over to something like Kaspersky Enterprise.  Any downfalls or benefits of using 1 over the other?

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I user kaspersky on a personal basis, and i love it. My company uses VIPRE Enterprise, and it seems to get the job done. It works well, and also gives you a "Worldwide Thread Level", which can be a little handy.

I would recommend Sophos over the two listed. We ran Kaspersky prior to moving over to Sophos because we had issues with Kaspersky having a large overhead. We were also having issues where the kav.exe running up to 90% cpu causing the proc to peg out. Sophos has a good end pt to end pt security solution that also does a good job analyzing suspicious behavior.

Trend micro worry free business is good, also ESET antivirus works well for small businesses.  As for kaspersky i have heard good things about it but have not used it yet.  Most of my clients use symantec but I have run into serveral issues with symantec blocking group policy.
Just out of curiosity... why are you switching?
If its performace issues that you are experiencing then you might want to take a look at that first... a misconfigured symantec endpoint server can bring your network down.
Also anything below 11.5 is a headache


Symantec seems to not only be a speed issue, but I have also had issues with compatibility.  For instance I have 2 users that use Windows Vista on laptops, and Just upgraded 1 laptop to Windows 7  It took me about 3 hours on the phone with tech support and deleting registries keys just to get the client installed.  I also can never get anyone that speaks english from the tech support team so troubleshooting becomes even more difficult.  Overall, Symantec does not fufil the needs for this business.  I also have done some research and Kaspesky is number 1 out of the  top 10 reviews.  Symantec comes in at 7.
why call symantec? you can come over here for answers :p
If thats the case then i would choose kapersky if i had to switch avs im happy with enpoint. Im running 11mr5 which is compatible with vista and 7 and win2k8 64... no problems so far
I highly recommend ESET NOD32 Business if you have a firewall in place.  The eset solution is low resources, can be centrally managed, updates frequently, and in advanced mode has very granular controls.  The reason you should have a Firewall inplace is that in that way you alleviate the need for a heavy duty anti-malware suite on every computer.  ESET also has 64 and 32 bit version and installs easily (literally in 5 minutes) on all worstations.  If you buy enough licenses (small business may not be enough) they will create a custom uninstall/installer for you to rip your previous anti-malware solution out while installing ESET.  Their ripper claims to get more removed than say symantec's uninstaller.


tzucker might have a good point. I've used ESET NOD32 in the past, and it worked wonderfully. The only reason i switched from it to Kasperysky was because i could get Kaspersky for free due to black friday sales. My votes are definately either for Kaspersky or ESET Nod32.
I know Kaspersky has a small footprint (rated number 1 in recent consumer reports review of anti-malware apps), but I'm totally unfamiliar with its admin features.  I like ESET's ability to admin computers across networks/subnets with great reporting.  Their console gives you the ability to incorporate it right into active directory as well.  What kind of admin capabilities does Kaspersky have?  

I'm not totally sure this is relevant to the OP, if it is then this is an important factor.

I also added a security component to my computer due to cost - there was a 1 day sale a while back on WinPatrol Pro for $0.99.  It now s runs in concert with my anti-malware app (currently NOD32).

My 2c:

Download the trials and test them. Asking what is the best is just begging for a flamewar.

At least I have valued good and fast (telephone) support and simple management solution over small performance wins or price.

When you sit there on Christmas eve and your wife is upset why you have to go you will think that the telephone support is worth the money.

Some will always think that mcafee is great and others hate it and same with the other manufacturers.

Test them all is my and take the one that you are comfortable with is my opinion