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Cannot double-click open attachments in Outlook 2007

gdfaulkner80 asked
I have a very frustrating problem with a single users email account. They are unable to double click and open any attachments in Outlook and you cannot right-click and select open in the drag down menu. There is no error message at all, the hourglass appears for a second and then nothing.

You can preview the attachments and you can drag to the desktop and/or save them and open them.

I have tried the various other solutions on this site for similar issues. I cleared out the temp folder, No google desktop installed, Internet Explorer is the default browser, I have repaired Outlook and reinstalled Outlook, I even did a repair install of Windows XP. Nothing seems to work. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you.
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Found the answer, Client had "Xobni" installed as a plug-in. It was preventing attachments from opening. Disabled it in Trust Center and now everything is back to normal.