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Cisco Webex Connect

sedberg1 asked
I'm using a built-in webcam with Cisco Webex Connect 2.5.5 Build 4148.  I have no problem with the webcam itself since I can use it in HP TouchSmart Webcam.  However, the video capture from the webcam doesn't show in Webex Connect.  If I go to Edit > Settings > Audio/Video in Webex Connect, the capture device says AverMedia Capture, which does not show in either the Start menu > All Programs or Programs and Features in Control Panel.  I try to change the AverMedia Capture to the HP Webcam and click Save, but Webex Connect does not seem to save the changed settings and it always reverts back to AverMedia Capture.  I can't figure out why AverMedia Capture keeps showing up as the default Capture Device and why Webex Connect won't save the settings change I make to HP Webcam.

Running Vista Home Premium SP2 x 64.
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Does HP TouchSmart WebCam also detect the AverMedia cam?

Odd situation. I would suggest trying another 3rd program that accesses your cam and see what it detects to maybe be able to troubleshoot a little better.

Let us know how it goes.



Here's the thing, Avermedia Capture doesn't even appear anywhere on his computer, neither in All Programs menu or in Programs and Features so there's nowhere to even remove it.  I have no idea.  I'll try a third party tool.
Let me know how it goes. If you have trouble locating a solution to test with, contact me through my profile here on EE and I will be glad to test with you.

Good luck,