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Blackberry not receiving exchange calendar invites

One of our BES users is not receiving event invites on her blackberry curve. The event invites show up in her Entourage mailbox, but never on the blackberry even if we let the invite sit in the entourage inbox without accepting/rejecting. If she accepts the event invite in entourage then it goes on her entourage calendar as well as her blackberry calendar.

I have tried doing a battery pull. I also tried wiping the phone, recreating her BES account, and then reactivating the phone.
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Do you know if this issue only happens with this user only? I have seen similar issues where creating a new Outlook profile has fixed this issue. Also move the users mailbox to a different store in Exchange.

Not sure if this will help but worth a shot.

Does everyone in the organisation use Entourage?


Spec01: This only happens with this user only. I will try to recreate the entourage profile, and then move to a different exchange store if that does not fix it. Thanks for the advice -- I will post back if it works or not.

-jonny-: The organization is about 50% entourage and 50% outlook 2007.
It sounds like Entourage is removing the calendar invite from the user's mailbox before the BES has a chance to send it. Entourage doesn't use MAPI to connect to Exchange, so perhaps there's something in that.

Try this:
Get the user to close Entourage and all other instances of it running against her exchange account. Send her a calendar invite and then see if it appears in her blackberry inbox. If it does, then it sounds like Entourage is removing it.


All good suggestions. I think a reboot of the server fixed it in the end though -- it just started to work on its own. Thank you very much.