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exchange 2010 restore an inbox subfolder

Pete asked
can someone please advise on the powershell command (or GUI?) to restore a subfolder of a users mailbox.
backup folder of full server backup "\\backup\mail\ex1a"
exchange name - ex1
database name - staff
user - davjon
folder - inbox
subfolder - meetings
there are lots of messages mising in the folder and they're not in deleted items, how can this has happened, she swears she has not deleted them. corruption? can I see logs somewhere or something?
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution Architect
Most Valuable Expert 2015
Top Expert 2015
Take a look at this artical as it should help with your recovery...


yes I saw this before the posting, can you please advise on the command according to the names in first posting?
do you think it's mailbox corruption? can I check somehow?
Solutions Architect
Create a mailbox call it userrecover and issue a

Restore-Mailbox -RecoveryMailbox userrecover -Identity davjon -RecoveryDatabase rdb1 -TargetFolder "Recovery"

then open the mailbox of userrecover and take all you need from it


thanks akhater, what is the recoverydatabase rdb1? do i need to already have in place a database with that name?is the recovery database from backup, or installed by default? surely I am geting this mailbox from backup as the missing messages do not exist in the actual live database now?
AkhaterSolutions Architect

to get the recovery database please follow the setps int he article liked to above