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Can not send reply to a mobile device that is using active sync.

Hello all,

When our user, Alice can send and recive email from OWA and Outlook (connected to corporate Exchange Server 2003) okay.  Bob (also on the same Exchange Server) and other users (internal and external) can send, recieve and reply to Alice successfully.

Alice also has a Palm Pre smart phone which uses Active Sync to connect to her Exchange server.
She can recieve and send from it okay.  Users can recieve messages sent from Alice's PDA and also send Alice NEW messages.  However, if Alice sends a message via her PDA and the recipient replies to the email, the user would get a undeliverable message:
     Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

      Subject:      RE: Test from pre
      Sent:      6/11/2010 1:45 PM

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

      'Alice' on 6/11/2010 1:45 PM
            The destination server for this recipient could not be found in Domain Name Service (DNS).         Please verify the email address and retry.  If that fails, contact your administrator.
            <ACME.Local.Domain #5.4.0>

NOTE: In the error message, ACME.Local.Domain is the name of the windows domain.

Bob has an iPhone which is also using Active Sync.  He is not exhibiting the same problems as Alice, his email functions normally.

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upgrade firmware and try again if not change domain


Change domain?
Have Alice email you from her phone.  Paste the message headers here.  The headers should show us where there is a misconfiguration.

You could also have Alice send an email to you.  You reply to the message and manually type Alice's address a second time in the CC field.  See if alice gets a copy of the message from the CC.  Alice's Outlook should show you which address is incorrect.  Find that setting in the ActiveSync settings somewhere on Alice's phone.


Hey Thanks rehamris for steering me in the right direction, I checked the user's settings on the Palm device more closely (type fonts are really SMALL) and found a typo in the email address-- damn those tiny keys!



What is the best way of viewing the email headers from within Outlook 2007?

By the way, the best way to view headers in Outlook 2007 is to either right-click the message from the inbox and choose "Message Options" or to Click the Square in the Message Options Ribbon (has a red box around it in the attached picture) when reading the message.