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SQL application hangs on wireless (wifi) connection

cvvood asked
I have a sql server running an app which is having issues when worked on using a wireless (wifi) connection.  The app will hang, during functions, startup and has an affinity to do so when needed most.

Are there any timeouts I can up to help out?  
maybe even updates to sql that may help?
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You are allowing access to your SQL box through wifi??  is the wifi card inside the SQL server box?
there is nothing wrong with your sql server. It is your wifi connection you should be worried about. If SQL Server is hanging it is because it is not able to get enough bandwidth to operate.... obviously moreso when you use it more/when it is under heavier load.


no, the SQL server is not WIFI, just have a Secured WIFI AP point for WIFI access on Tablet Computers for users to go between rooms when working.

I agree that there is nothing wrong with the SQL server, and also agree there is another issue out there,  The computation for connections doesn't come close to adding up to a full pipe, infact, if I had all 10 tablets running the same app, it would calculate to less than 1/3rd of total available bandwidth.

Anyone have any ideas about resetting the timeout value to a larger value?