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HP Desktop memory

nappyshock asked
I have a HP Elite 7100 desktop with 2 x 1Gb RAM in it running XP.

I'm about to upgrade it to windows 7 64 bit and bought another two 1Gb memory sticks.

I installed them and when i boot up the desktop it loads to the windows desktop and i can use it for 10 -20sec but them it just clicks off and automatically reloads.
I thought the new memory and the original weren't compatible so
I tried putting the new 2 x 1Gb in on it's own and exactly the same thing happens.

when i just have the original 2Gb in it works fine.

I've noticed the memory has a different part no...

The original is:- 1GB 1RX8 PC3-10600U-9-A0
The new is:-      1GB 1RX8 PC3-10600U-9-AP

Knowing nothing about memory is the AP so different to the A0 that it wouldn't be compatable with the HP Elite 7100 or is the memory defective.

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Can you point me at the link where you purchased the new memory or did you buy it in a retail store?

What brand of memory?
I cannot find exact info on the memory with the part numbers you provided.

It could be ECC (error correcting) v non-ECC (non error correcting) memory or buffered v non-buffered or voltage or...


The original memory came with the PC new it is...

ELPIDA 1Gb 1Rx8 PC3 10600U-9-10-A0

along the bar code the number is... EBJ10UE8BDF0-DJ-F   1013WL758319

It also has a HP part No... 497156-B88

The new memory i bought on ebay it is....

ELPIDA 1Gb 1Rx8 PC3 10600U-9-10-AP

along the bar code the number is ... EBJ10UE8BAFA-DJ-E   0841AXK0159

The specs on the memory appear to be the same.  I think you were sold bad modules.   Return them for a refund.


I think i will play safe now and order from HP. I've 4 memory slots with 2 x 1Gb modules in at the moment.

Is there any performance benefit with sticking with 1Gb modules and order 2 x 1Gb more filling all my slots.

If not i'll order a 2Gb module instead leaving 1 slot free for expansion when i can afford it.
That means your computer have 4 RAM slots total? You can try to remove both of the original RAMs and put in the new RAM that you've purchased, to confirm that the RAMs you bought is working fine. Or you just try to move your original RAMs to the rest free RAM slots, do this to confirm that your motherboard is fine. Sometimes, RAM slot will cause system reboot.
I did try the new RAM on their own and it failed, i'll try the original RAM in different slots.