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Outlook 2007 Rules and Alerts Wildcard

mattlaltman asked
I would like to set up a rule in outlook that deletes every message with the subject like this:  "RLM301 Recipe Upload Notification".   The problem is, I also want to delete them from RLM302, RLM303, etc.   I'd like to set a wild card for the numbers so that it deletes anything with "RLMxxx Recipe Upload Notification".  How can I do this?
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Outlook rules do not support wildcards. They are not that smart. But if you place this as the subject line check " Recipe Upload Notification", (notice space in front of Recipe) if should catch what you need. If you receive other email with  Recipe Upload Notification, but you want to Keep the one begining with BDL301 and just delete RLM one's you could possible create a rule with just "RLM" but this will delete anything containing RLM. Or you could creat a rule to move to a different folder everything with RLM or Recipe Upload Notification, sort but subject line and manually delete in block the ones you don't want.


You made the correct assumption that there are other emails like BDL301 that I don't want to delete.
A possible solution would be to create 1 rule to move all " Recipe Upload Notification" to a folder. Then create a secont rule to delete any that begin with "RLM" and only let this rule run on this folder. I'll look a bit more but this may be the only way to handle this based on the limitations of Outlook rules.

 If you have a know how to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, you can download this from Microsoft. It's a rule addon for outlook 2007 that may allow you to do what you need. Note: it does not mention wildcards.

I recall from work a couple of addon I install for 2007 and looked around and found this:
http://www.mapilab.com/outlook/folders_watch/ (Freeware)

It will allow you to place several words or combination of words and you can select how emails that match that are processes. This may be the way to go.