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Exchange 2007 User Mailbox Permissions

I am having an issue. I work for a financial Institution and we just got a new VP and this VP has decided that they want to change how a group of our people use email. (Much to everyones dislike) he wants 1 computer per site in this area to have MS Office and 1 Email account for all sites ( i.e. single user account to check email shared by all people in this department regardless of site) we got that working with no issue. now they are saying that they want to remove delete permissions and ability to see sent items. I told this it just won't work, and was informed, it was that way at my last company they got it how I wanted it, if you can't we will find someone who can.

Question is HOW!!!!!! I have googled my fingers off, I have talked to everyone I know with any idea of how to look at exchange.

Was this a different mail server using imap? or just imap in general with sent kept private?

I am at a loss for words. please advise.
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I believe this is not doable in Exchange, maybe you can prevent deleting items but the sent items thing is little tricky.
instead of hitting the wall just ask them the type of server and outlook they used, maybe they missunderstood what was going in the past so don't take their words as accurate


I asked them and they had no clue. these people are Bankers and have little to no idea how it all works, just that it does. they had outlok 2007 I know that and all tellers were unable to delete anything and were denied access to sent items some how. this is the most far feched thing I have ever heard.
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have been googling and found those
maybe the second link will help more since it is free !!
Jerod SandersonIT Director
Try journaling in Exchange 2007.  I doesn't prevent deleting but keeps record of every email.

Hmm - was anyone able to access the emails that were sent?  Possibly the last tech just turned off "Save copies of messages in Sent Items folder" and said fine - no access to sent items... could probably log sent stuff downstream in that case.
There is a very easy work around

Create another mailbox and giveit send as permission on  the first one ( the one at which all users in the department) so if the one who's resposible for the shared mailbox want to send email he will use the other mailbox with send  as permission to send emails, at this case the users will not see any items in the sent items......... If it's not clear i can do it in a lab and send you back the steps with screenshots.

there is another solution came up in my mind but i have to try it first cause i never tried before

you can delete the sent items folder using MfcMapi tool and save sent messages using journaling feature