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can't do save 21 option on as400

mkramer777 asked
I have an iseries 520.  Guy from IBM was here and when I try to do a save 21 it says that my job is not in the controlling subsystem.  It must be started from a *signon workstation.  I am at the console (twinax) and it says subsystem qinter and display dsp10
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Some systems are set up with QCTL as the controlling subsystem.   To get a job to run in QCTL set the terminal name up in the subsystem description

you need your terminal name listed so that it comes up under QCTL.  
There may be as SEQ# required in  ADDRTGE.  Use DSPSUBD QCTL to see other seq#.  Lowest Seq# have higher priority.
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant

Trfjob qctl. Then run the save.