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system recovery on a 6 year old Toshiba laptop with inoperable DVD drive, from an external DVD drive

* model: Toshiba laptop P15 S479 (XP Pro)
* inoperable DVD drive
* computer does not recognize the disk that came with it when using external DVD drive. the   computer says the disk is for the wrong computer but it is the right one.      
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If the disk won't load there is not much you can do, nothing I know of anyway. Do you have any other Windows XP Pro OEM CD?
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You probably need to just replace the DVD drive.


Sometimes these boot disks are hardware specific.  Even though you have the external drive attached to the laptop, it doesn't see the laptop as being a Toshiba device since it's not internal.

Another thing, when you select the boot options, do you see boot from USB device or something similar?  Possibly update the BIOS to a newer revision might help as well.  I did a quick search and did see that this shouldn't be impossible and saw where folks would update the BIOS to get it to work.

Another thing, is it DVD or a CD that you are trying to boot from?  Reason is, you might try an external USB CD drive rather than a DVD drive.
Have you changed your laptop's motherboard before?

Another way is to "copy" the content of your dvd to a usb stick to verify if it works or not (however instruction is meant for Linux only...)
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you can do a system recovery by hooking the disk to a working PC.
you only need a sata cable and connect power to it for sata disks.
for iDE disks , you need one of these : http://www.bay-wolf.com/hddadapter.htm
in uk :  http://www.amazon.co.uk/StarTech-com-2-5-inch-3-5-inch-Drive-Adapter/dp/B00006B8C2


Thanks all.

edbedbe:no, that's the only cd i have.

digitap: i know i could change the drive but it's not worth it on a machine that old. the disk is a DVD and i have tried booting from the USB option.  can't update the Bios as there's something keeping me from accessing the Internet.  i have connectivity, but can't get on.

titus hoon:  original motherboard.

nobus:  no P.C. redily available
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borrow one from a friend, or let a shop do it !