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Converting Access 2003 Database to mySQL

Mr_Fulano asked
Hi, I have an MS Access 2003 Database complete with Tables, Relationships, Data, etc and I would like to convert it to mySQL format (open-source version). I want to do this because I believe that mySQL will be a better platform for future growth and it will be accessible from both PC and MAC platforms.

Is there a simple way of doing this, or am I going to have to recreate the entire database in mySQL from scratch and then somehow transfer the records?

Thanks for your help,
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The easiest way that I can think of, is using/trying out converters.. I have told clients to try this in the past and it worked out for them completely.. You can either just do a google search for Access 2003 to MySQL converter, or try this link:



Hi Cuthbertx, good suggestion. -- Is there a way to do this without using a 3rd party tool? For instance, is there a way that I can "import" the data into mySQL? I know it can be imported into Access, because I've done that, so is there a mechanism to import a comma delimited file, or a spreadsheet, or something else into mySQL?