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How to compare Mainboard Intel and SupperMicro?

I need to buy some servermain board.
My need: a main for filehosting, single CPU Xeon, 16GRAM, atleast 1 PCEx for use raid card (I plug >10HDD/1Server , and > 10 server for cluster solution, more than 2 GigaNic/1server is better)

I want a compare quality of main Intel and SupperMicro
(For example, X7SBA main-suppermicro, Serie 5000 of Intel ......)
Which main have better quality?

Thanks in advanced!
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Understand - EVERY brand WILL have problems.  Question is is one brand significantly less likely than another to have issues.  If you buy one and it has problems, you would be WRONG to think they are any better or worse than the other brand - you need a much larger sample than one to come to that conclusion.  In my opinion, either SuperMicro or Intel should be just fine.  I generally shy away from Intel (but for no good reason) and I've used and been quite happy with SuperMicro in the past.
I always use Tom's Hardware to compare products.  If he doesn't have it listed then CNET is also a really good source!
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Both Intel and SuperMicro makes excellent, stable motherboards -- you can choose either and be confident you're getting a good board.     HOWEVER ... I would NOT buy a server motherboard that doesn't use buffered RAM -- either Registered or FBDIMM modules.    Especially if you plan to populate it with a lot of memory (16GB or more).

This would be an excellent board, and has the dual Gigabit NICs you'd like to have:  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813121410