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BES 5 SQL install error

We are installing BES 5.0.1, and we cant get past the SQL database creation, it says there is an error communicating to SQL database service, so we checked and double checked it again and again, maybe there is someone that can help.

we are running SBS 2003 sp1, BES 5.0.1, and SQL 2005 express.
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A few questions:

1) Are you installing a purchased full version of BES? Or are you installing the free BES Express?  BES does not play well on SBS,  BES Express does.  If BES Express is too small for your needs, you need to deploy BES on a second server.

2) Are you trying to run BES and SQL on the same server? Or separate servers?

3) Did you install the SQL Server instance specifically for BES, or are you trying to connect BES to an existing instance? What documentation are you using?
Typically, the SQL 2005 Express install installs itself as a named instance so the Blackberry Server needs to use "Servername\<instancename>" or some other named instance as the sql server name.

You can check the named instance by opening services.msc and scrolling to the "SQL Server (instancename)" service.  Whatever name is in the parenthesis is the name you'd put in place of <instancename>.  We have it as:  SERVER1\SQLEXPRESS on one server and we have it as SERVER2\BESEXPRESS on another.

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Thanks for the help ALL!!!!