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Issu on deserialize an object, memory leak?

CodingCat asked
hi experts,

I would like to implement a way for user to load configurations from an .xml file and store it to an object (say a List<object> called OB).  The users may allow to open different .xml files during the process. Each time they open a different xml file, the data store OB must also be updated.
The way I'm doing it now is write a static function which will return a new List<object> from the xml file.

// class OpenSave
public static List<Object> Deserialize(string file)
    List<Object> myObject= new List<Object>();
..........// Deserialize...
    Return myObject;

When user load a different file, the following code is called:
OB = OpenSave.Deserialize(filename);

My question is, what about the old object pointed to by OB?  It seems to me the static function Deserialize create a new List object each time it is called and make OB point to this new object. Is this going to cause something like memory leak?
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Once the list, or other object, no longer has a reference to it, it will become eligible for Garbage Collection.

See this for a quick explanation


This is a bit lengthier

There should also be more stuff on your install of MSDN (if you have it)

Good luck