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Visual Studio 2010 - Generate Script option not available

I've recently upgraded to Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate from Visual Studio 2008.  I am working on a project (created in the previous version of vs) that has both an asp.net project and SQL 2008 project.  

In VS 2008, I used to be able to right click on items in the server explorer and "Generate Script to Project" was a choice.  That choice is no longer available and I can't seem to figure out how to get it back.  Anyone have any thoughts?
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I presume that you mean:
      Generate Create Script to Project
If so, havee you seen this?
The Ms forums claimed that it answered that question, though I don't see an answer there.


Yeah, I did see that but it wa not helpful.
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I believe it is one of those "by design" breaking changes in VS.NET 2010.


"But you won't get any of the easy features, like "Generate Script to Project". I think I miss that one the most!"


Oh and d'oh!  That is a complete bummer.  Thanks for the link!