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How can i check my hardisk is problem from autorun.inf or physical failuire on hardisk and if it have problem form auto run how can i get data back
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You can boot your PC from live DVD and then check
It may be Windows 7 DVD (then repair, command prompt and chkdsk)
or ultimate boot cd from http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/
Alan HendersonRetired marine engineer

Is this your boot drive?
to verify autorun.inf problem goto command prompt type
notepad au(tab key)
if u get autorun.inf file than you hv problem of autorun.inf.
in any folder go to tools > folder options > show hidden files and show system files (down two rows of hidden files check)

then go to c:\ and take a look if there is autorun.inf

if there is, post here again to tell you how to remove it if it was infected