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how do i move users folders to a seperate server in sbs 2008

kwarburton asked
i have an sbs 2008 server and an windows 2008 std server. we want to use the second server to house their user and shared document stores. how do i move this in sbs. i can move to another folder/share on the same server but can figure out how to move to a seperate server. both are members of the domain. thanks for the help
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Distinguished Expert 2018
For the user data, if you are using redirected documents, simply create the "root" folder and set the permissions on the new serer then update the group policy to point to the folder. As users log in, that data will get moved to the new server by the application of the group policy.

For the shared document repository, I'd use a program like robocopy which can preserve ACLs. Any shortcuts or mapped drives that users have will have to be updated to point to the new server, but that is a relatively straightforward process to document so users can do it themselves.


Thanks for the response and sorry to take so long to reply. Kath