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isa 2004 and iis7

i have ISA 2004 in front of my network i have a iis7 webserver behind the isa
i have created a website on port 85 and need ISA to forward this external name (mysecondsite.com) to this site
i have created a web listner for this port and iis server ip address
still does not work
site works from the internal network with mysecondsite.com name
i have setup dns internal on the network, i have created the dns records for the internet
i can ping the site from the internet and get back the correct ip address of the iis server
any clues.

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Shreedhar EtteTechnical Manager
Top Expert 2010

This shouldn't be a problem. Refer to the article above for help.

But note this as well:

- Is authentication required?
- Does your Publishing rule include a redirect to port 85 on the target server?
- Is SSL used in this scenario?
- how is the listener configured?, does it listen on port 80?
Most Valuable Expert 2011

You really need to give up on the port 85 thing and run in on a normal port.


not possible allready running another site on the default port
Most Valuable Expert 2011
Of course it is possible.  You can run a gazzillion sites all on the same IP# and Port#,...you can keep adding sites till the server can't keep up with the load anymore.

Three thing identify a Site:
1. IP#
2. Port#
3. Host Headers

You leave the IP and Port the same on all of them but give them different Host Headers.

You can publish a web site on any port, it doesn't have to be the standard one. But I would suggest that you use a listener on the standard port (public IP) if the clients are behind a restrictive firewall, i.e. when the only traffic is allowed is 80 or 443.

But back to the problem at hand:
I assume you are using HTTP protocol without encryption and without authentication, If you are that complicates thing but the principle is the same.

- Configure the web listener to listen on a standard http 80 port,
- Create a web publishing rule, specifying all the internal host name and so on, you can't really specify what we want here
- Once the publishing rule has been created, open it with a right click and select "bridging" redirect all requests to HTTP port 85,

That should be it, but without anything specific info I can't be more helpful.

And if you follow pwindell's wisdom regarding Host Headers, you may want to include checking the box to "include host headers" on your rule.