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Set up DNS at GoDaddy for SBS2008 + Exchange

attachekiwi asked
I saw another posting that almost answers my question

I use godaddy for my web site and I'm currently using hosted excahnge with them. I just installed sbs2008 and it seems happy enough I can send email. Iwant to set up godaddy to point the email at my new server with static IP.

I can see form anither posting how to set the mx record
What am I missing here? Surely somewhere I have to tell godaddy how to translate the remote.domainname.com to my ipaddress?

but where - response from godaddy - expect 5 hours!!!

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I just had to fix this for one of my customers at godaddy.

With website hosted at godaddy

@ points to ip where website is hosted

Host remote points to public IP of SBS server

mx record
host =@
points to remote.domainname.com priority zero
In addition you need a reverse lookup record (usually created by ISP)
also recommend a SPF reor
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Yes, you will create an "A" record that points remote.domainname.com to your IP address and then create an MX record so that mailservers know that it is a legitimate mail receiving server for the domain.


OK I found the answer online so for anyone who needs to know you add a new a record called remote that points at your IP address - phew!!1
Mahmoud SabrySenior IT Systems Engineer

goddady DNS servers are th only DNS servers worldwide that holds your domain name for example yourcompany.com so any one world wide need any thing from *.yourcompany.com or any MX record, it will go to goddady servers

if u doesn't change your records yet, i suggest changing ur records' TTL to be 0.5 hour from now, so that after changing the records to the new one the change take effect fast
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