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Oracle OCS (10g) email folder recovery

hmccoder asked
Is it possible to recover a deleted email folder (including the contents) for an email account?  And, if so, how?
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There are 3 ways of doing recovery in OCS for individual mailboxes, however all of them requires that you have set them up in advance.

1. Using oesbkp.

In order for this to work you need to do regular exports of your mailboxes by using oesbkp. If this is done then you can recover an individual mailbox by using the command 'restore' for this tool.

2. Using LogMiner

If LogMiner is setup on the OCS database then you can use this tool in order to perform recovery on a single mailbox.

3. Using Flashback Query

Tha last option is to use Flashback Query, in particular with the the MAIL_RECOVERY_FQ package. This will do a restore through the archivelogs, so this one depends upon the retention policy of your OCS database.

If you haven't done 1 or 2 in advance then 3 is the only option left. To check if this is an alternative you should check the parameter UNDO_RETENTION for your OCS db, this will tell you how long (in seconds) you will be able to go back and perform recovery using this method. For example if this parmeter is set to 900 you will only be able to do recovery using this method for the last 15 minutes.

Besides these options the only remaining option is to perform full recovery of the database to a test system and extract the lost messages from there.