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how can i recover efs files

naptor asked
Need help, i have a lot of efs files ( green ones ) the laptop was formated and have no key for that.
How can i revome that encryption?
Now i have windows 7 before XP.

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Might help ya if not keep looking as there are alot of holes in efs
Regards, Ian
If your old OS is gone and overwritten, your encrypted files can no longer be restored and are gone for good. You absolutely need the unique encryption keys from the original installation to recover the files.

You may want to try this commercial software: http://www.elcomsoft.com/aefsdr.html
But before you spend money on it, read its description carefully: this tool as well needs to be able to recover the keys in order to be able to recover the files. It may recover keys that were deleted or formatted, but if they were overwritten for good, then chances are minimal you'll get your money's worth.

If, however, you happen to have a backup of your old XP installation, then you might even try yourself to regain your files. The process is lengthy and complicated, though: