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Can't access my company website nor can I ping my website. I can open any other website. My company website is hosted externally.

rickgill1 asked
My company setup in brief is lan=>firewall=>router. Now if I ping my company website directly from the router it resolves to hosting server IP. I can access the comapny website from externally. Looks like a DNS issue but I can't figure it out. As soon as I try to ping the website from internally it does not give any response.
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To be sure that this is a DNS issues,try pinging ip_address_of_webserver or http://ip_address_of_webserver, if it is succesfull, it is a DNS issue.

Try to see if your DNS server works by trying to resolve sometwing usaual,like www.google.com
;this goes into nslookup shell
>server your_dns_server
;setting the default DNS server to be your server,use the IP address
;now,if it is not resolved to IP address,it is surely a problem with yout DNS servers
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Actually, many routers and firewalls will not route traffic back through the same interface it came from. So, if you are using the external FQDN of your website internally and are getting the external address, it is very possible that your firewall or router is reacting in a way that is preventing the traffic from reaching your server. This is best fixed by changing the configuration of the device causing the problem to allow this type of traffic flow.

Alternatively, if that is not possible, you *can* configure what is commonly called a "split" DNS configuration. This is where you have your internal DNS servers answer with an internal IP instead of the external IP address of the server when queried. Running split-DNS does increase management overhead because you are effectively maintaining two zones for one server, but it can help bypass stubborn routers.


Thanks guys for responding.

pingvinos: If I try to use the IP address of the server where it is hosted it is coming as page not found as the website is hosted on a shared server. Same thing happens when I try the IP address externally. So that's OK. It does not respond to the ping www.domain.com from internal network. I get response from all other websites rather any other website accept my company website. Would it be because it is looking for the website internally and thinking that it is hosted internally?

cgaliher: Does not look like that the firewall is bocking it or the router as I get response to the ping from the inbuilt diagnostic utlity for my compny website. So it looks like something wrong on the DC server.  

As pingvinos had suggested, have you tried the nslook up? Do u have an internal or external DNS on ur systems?
We host our web page externally and a similar thing happened to us because our internal domain was the same as the external URL. Add an A record in DNS to the external IP/web URL and see if that fixes your problem.