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IPSEC tunnels of Cisco ISR routers

a9562055 asked
The link below states the max tunnels each cisco device can establish.


My questions are,

1. What is the IOS cli command to check how many tunnels are established presently,
say on ISR 2800 series?

2. What is the meaning of "Maximum number of IPSec Tunnels" ?
Does this mean

a . The maximum number of configuration below for example,
crypto isakmp key 6 toshin10 address OR

b. The maximum number of SAs below for example One ACLs for one SA.
Therefore, if we have 6 ACLs, 6 SAs are created.
 Also, routers at counter part creates 6 SAs.
Altogether we have 12 SAs.
ip access-list extended IPsec-JA_LIST  
permit ip
permit ip  
permit ip  
permit ip  
permit ip  
permit ip

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You can try
Rtr# show crypto ipsec sa
Rtr# show crypto isakmp sa
Les MooreSr. Systems Engineer
Top Expert 2008

Generally speaking, the total number of IPSEC tunnels is the number of simultaneous established VPN tunnels or active SA's.

John MeggersNetwork Architect

Remember the SAs are unidirectional, so you'll see two for each IPSec connection.