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How do i create a meeting room calendar in Lotus Notes 7

clarked asked
Hi There,

Am currently working with a user group of Lotus Notes 7 users, who require a set of calendars to reserve and check bookings for 4 meeting rooms.

Normally I've created calendars for workgroups on each client computer, but this time I would like to create one that will sit on our Domino 7 server, so that everyone can access the same calendar and make their reservations accordingly.

I don;t have much experience in Notes Admin, past the manaaging of quotas and setting up new users, so I would appriecate some advice on this.


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You can create a resource database to manage that.  Create a new application, use the server templates and check the box "show advanced templates" and select Resource Reservations.  Once you get the database created, you have to make a site and individual resources at those sites.  Then the users can select a resource from a meeting calendar entry.  YOu have to find it on the server address book but you can make a site preferred for a person.  Making it preferred gives the user fewer steps.  If you run into trouble, put another question on here or look in the help.