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very stupid Coldfusion Jar Java Error!

Gurpreet Singh Randhawa
Gurpreet Singh Randhawa asked
I am using Coldfusion's ImageUTILS.CFC Component and Tyring to generate the images dyanmically!

Well when i run on my PC using CF 9 it works great!

now i run the same on my host and i get this error:

Message  	 Could not initialize class javax.media.jai.JAI
StackTrace 	java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class javax.media.jai.JAI at coldfusion.image.Image.paste(Image.java:2307) at coldfusion.runtime.CFPage.ImagePaste(CFPage.java:5877) at cfemaillogo2ecfm1798672233.runPage(E:\Domains\mysite.com\wwwroot\project\logo.cfm:53) at 

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anypne knows how to clear this error!

i raised an support ticket with my host but i still pasted here as some mite know how to overcome such an issue!
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Uninstall jai and make sure only 1 jai jar is in your classpath.
i said my host has issue! i will send ur comemnets to them and then see what goes on
which version of cf is your host running?
does  your host allows unrestricted use of createobject() function?

yes they do allow the unrestricted use of createobject

they have disabled the cfexecute tag only

coldfusion 8 + path they say they have applied the 8.0.1

host is hostingtoaz.com
check with your hosting company if they do have JAI library installed, and if it is in cf's java classpath.
it looks like there's something wrong with their cf8 installation, or that their sandbox security is a bit screwed.

iirc, cf's ImagePaste() function uses JAI java library, so it *should* work with default cf8 installation - it looks like it is not available for some reason on your host... i doubt it is due to cf8 install; rather likely it has to do with their sandbox security.

provide your host's tech support with the code you are trying to run and the error you get and make them look into it.

Thanks! My Host is looking into it!