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ibm rsa II on x3650, mouse and keyboard are not working

vladLT asked
while trying to work on the server from RSA card - it doesn't accept any input, either from mouse or keyboard, although I can see actual console of the server. Firmware is up to date. From server side I'm not able to control RSA card as well. ASU utility says that RSA card is not presented. All required software from server side is installed: RSA driver, IPMI mapping layer and driver. Browser is IE7 and latest Java is installed. What could be possible problem? Some cabling issue? server is in remote location, can't check it myself :) Thx!
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The RSA II  cards are well known to have issues when running the _latest_  Java JRE.
In most cases, it is recommended to use JRE 1.60 U07  or earlier  with the IBM RSAIIs.

Keyboard annoyances are par for the course with  the RSA II cards on the x3650s,  but usually it is related to the remote console "sticking"  a key,  and repeating it.

Assuming firmware is up to date, first I would suggest you get power pulled on the server.  Disconnect server completely from power, to ensure all hardware registers are reset,  then have it plugged back in.

You may need to have someone check on it to ensure there is not a local keyboard or mouse malfunctioning or incorrectly cabled.

In addition the RSAII will not work correctly if the 20 PIN cable is not plugged into the RSA correctly;  however, in that case,  graphical video display should also not work.

See if you can enter in BIOS configuration during boot,  as it may [in theory] be an OS     issue with regards to USB functionality required for the RSAII keyboard and mouse.
Thank you for your response. I will try, when it will be possible, to power off server and someone will unplug the cables. I was trying to enter in BIOS during boot - unsuccessful. I will reply asap.