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MacBook Stuck on Shut-Down

anuneznyc asked
I have a MacBook running Snow Leopard 10.6.3. I have it set to boot into Verbose Mode. I just tried to do a restart and it won't finish shutting down.

The last lines showing are:
synching files... Killing all processes
unmount of /Home failed (45)
Unmount of /net failed (45)

Anyone know why this might have happened?
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When you say verbose mode, do you mean single user mode?

What command did you use to restart? An init command or reboot?

Is there anything wrong with the MacBook which led you to boot into verbose/single user mode?

sometime macs have an issue with sending the signal to switch the power from single user mode, if this happens then I just usually press the power button.

Once you get the mac rebooted, run a disk check to make sure you have no OS problems.
How long did you let it sit before you manually shut it down?  Sometimes processes (undeclared in verbose mode) will take a good long while to settle up.  Other times, of course, they are just locked and you have to hold down the power button to shut down.  It's not uncommon, and doesn't necessarily mean that you have a problem.

Can you post the system.log from that shutdown/boot sequence?
force shut down, power on, repair permissions, power up, let it boot up completely, try shutting down again, post your findings


No, not single-user mode. Simply verbose mode, which echos all system processes during startup & shutdown.

I waited about 5 minutes before forcing it shut.

How do I find the system.log from that shutdown/boot sequence?
Head to Applications > Utilities > Console.app and look for "system.log" in the list of logs on the left. Look for the time stamp for the crash.
I get this sometimes too. I have not found any reason for why this happens, but nothing adverse seems to result in just turning the computer off. Usually, the

unmount of /Home
Unmount of /net

are the last messages. Perhaps it's a file lock issue.


Hasn't happened again so I'm not going to worry about it.  Thanks for the feedback.