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Printing PDF's takes long time (15 secs per page) - HP Laserjet P2055d

afflik1923 asked
The user is complaining that PDF's take a very long time to print. About 15 secs per page. (so I guess 4ppm much slower then printer speed should be).

Environment is:
USB attached, Windows XP PC (Decent spec), Office 2007.

I've yet to test this myself but take the users word for it.

Is there any reason why they would be going slow?

I've attached some setting screen shots so all can see how configured.
 printer spool settings
print processor settings.
Any ideas?
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Try changing the USB Hub

Try using the postscript print driver
I've had a handful of issues with PCL6 drivers printing slowly.  Try the PCL5 version of the driver.    
I just checked for the driver.  It's unfortunate that these printer manufacturers are going to the universal printer driver for their print devices.  I hate these things but this is all I could find from HP for this model:

See if the PCL5 UPD works better for you.
What version of Adobe?  Here's an article from Adobe's KB: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/333/333091.html
Here's a tek-tip article re: the same: http://www.tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=1289762&page=1
Here's an experts-exchange artlce on the same: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Hardware/Peripherals/Printers_Scanners/Q_21607693.html

A common thread is that you should make sure the Adobe Reader is up to date as older versions printing newer documents may cause slow printing.

Another suggests that the problem may be that the documents are scanned images and not PDF text-type documents.   If that is the case: 1.scan at the lowest acceptable resolution; 2.set spooler settings in the print driver to "print spooled documents first" and "start printing after the last poage has spooled"; 3.yes, add as much memory as possible; 4. use postscript drivers wherever possible, as PCL will be slow printing pdfs
2 things:

1. When you go to print, click the Advanced button and make sure "Print as image" is *not* ticked.

2. What size is the spool file? Double-click the printer icon on the taskbar while the printer is receiving data.


OK some follow up.

* Latest Adobe installed
* Print image is not ticked.
* Just done it on some test ones now and printing a bit faster. They were perhaps 11mb in size sent to printer. (But I know yesterday all of the samples I tried did take a very long tme to print)
* Not connected via USB hub. Conneted directly into back of PC.
* Goin gnow to install different drivers - therefore PCL 5 universal and if I can find a PS option I will.

Many thanks so far.


OK so what is the best way to intall the universal drivers (bearing in mind I remote).

Therefore I started the universal print driver for Postscript (note there is no dedicated driver avaialble) and seleted traditional mode. It did not detect anything in plug and pay and therefore asks me to choose an existing port or create a new one.

What do I do?

You should be able to extract the zip executable to c:\temp\HPp2055d and cancel the auto-install.
From the Printer Properties - Advanced tab, choose the New Driver button and navigate to C:\temp\HPp2055d folder to select the new driver.  See what happens


Hi, but I don't want to replace the PCL 6, I want to give an addtional option for the PCL5 and the postscript. So what is the best way to acheive this?
View the properties of the existing PCL6 printer.  Ports Tab.  Check the port to which your print device is connected.  You can Run through the Add Printer Wizard, select the same port when adding the printer and use the new driver from wherever you extracted the files above.


Never properly solved this. A few changes were made to the PC because of the user reporting lots of niggling issues and this particular one he has not recently reported. Hopefully refreshing a driver sorted it or the issue was just for the PDF documents he was working at the time.
Thanks for input