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Can't browse network, or stay connected using RDP

The last thing I did before leaving work on Friday was to install Symantec Hosted Endpoint security on my desktop PC at work. I had been running the beta for quite some time with no issues.

Now it seems I can't stay connected to my Windows XP Pro desktop at work using Remote Desktop.

It will connect for about 10 seconds then kick me out. If I try to connect back in right away I get this error: "Error connecting to existing session for <Username> (Id 0). The requested operation cannot be completed because the terminal connection is currently busy processing a connect, disconnect, reset, or delete operation."

This takes about 2 minutes to clear, and then sometimes I can connect back in, or sometimes I get this message:  "Your Remote Desktop session has ended. The connection to the remote computer was lost, possibly due to network connectivity problems..."

When I am connected, I cannot uninstall the symantec product because it's searching for some part of the installation on a mapped drive. While the desktop can ping servers by name and by IP, it cannot browse the network. I cannot reconnect the mapped drives. I have tried restarting the desktop, but the same problem exists. I cannot browse the Internet from that remote PC either.

I've tried using other remote acces software (Remote Admin), but get kicked off immediately after connecting.

I have tried disabling the Symantec software ... which has no effect. I also set the Symantec services to "Disabled" upon startup, and rebooted the PC and still the same problem persists.

If it's not Symantec, what else could be causing this?

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Hey IT:
Just a quick question did install full version over beta or remove and clean install new version. I had this happen to me before I had to use revo uninstaller to remove old version then installed new version. was better. For now can you msconfig and disable startup & service for symantec? and try if still does not work try full uninstall and reinstall. as a quick fix double check firewall settings could be set to high? Other to check is that RDP is still enable on destination PC. Check nic for filter? Likely yo have already checked these things but better not to assume.

Have you checked to see what the event logs say? is your windows firewall enabled? if so what does the exceptions list look like. Sometimes when you install security software like you mentioned it tends to change your firewall settings.

have you tried what romojotek suggested? Have you tried starting windows in selective mode excluding symantec?
Looks like this one turned out to be just a bad coincidence. Something was wrong with a h/w firewall configuration and the problem kicked in on Friday night.

I'm going to leave this question open until I make sure Symantec is also behaving correctly.

Thanks for the responses.